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Theatres and cinemas of Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre
    64 Karla Marxa str.
    Tel. 21-11-96
    Khabarovsk theatre of musical comedy was established on the 25th of February 1926. Small cozy theatre auditorium could take up to 880 spectators and about 200 artists and theatre supporting stuff are working here for the spectator’s entertainment. The first in Russia theatre of the musical comedy, born on the banks of the Amur River, was  named in tune with the era “Proletarian team of the comic opera” and made a name for itself by the brilliant “Silva” by I. Kalman.
    In 1976 the theatre moved to a new building at the 64 Karla Marxa street, which was built according to the architect M.A. Sheinfein project. Everything is compelled to the festivities of the musical genre: the marvelous house for 939 seats, airy and filled with light lobby tiers, lots of classrooms, work shops, dressing rooms, offices.
    Theatres’ performances annually pick up awards “For the achievements in the theatre arts” in the Governors’ competitions. Among them there are “Khanuma” by stage director V. Parshukov, “Women riot” by stage director S. Tayushev, “The loveliness of cheating”, “American style marriage” by stage director B. Krichmar and other.
    In April 2008 Khabarovsk regional musical theatre became the award winner of the national theatre award “Golden Mask” for the first time in its history, in the nomination “The best musical” participating in the so named Moscow festival the “Vanya Chonkin’s airplane” performance after the novel of V. Voynovich directed by the Moscow stage director, honored artist of Poland Vladimir Orenov.
    The theatre is carrying active touring activities, taking any opportunities to show its creation outside of Khabarovsk Territory. Tours in the cities of Irkutsk region, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Primorsk Territory are always triumphant.
    Khabarovsk regional musical theatre is making its spectators happy with the new lively premieres every season.
    Nowadays Khabarovsk regional musical theatre is the best musical theatre in Russia.
Khabarovsk Regional Theatre of Drama and Comedy
44 Dzerzhinskogo str.
Tel. 31-08-09
    In 1933 Khabarovsk city committee for the first time considered an issue of organizing of the permanent drama theatre, and in 1946 the theatre was given the unit in the unique building of the club-house of the People’s Commissariat of the internal affairs, which was known as the House of Commune.
    The opening of the Khabarovsk regional theatre of drama and comedy took place on the 16th of March 1946 and the first performance – “Memorable meetings” after the play by K. Utevskiy – was devoted to the heroes that fought for our motherland during the Great Patriotic War.
    Khabarovsk regional theatre of drama presented its art to the hundreds thousands of spectators fr om Sakhalin to Ural. And in the year of its twentieth anniversary was touring in the capital where it received the high rating fr om the famous back then theatre critics.
    There are three People’s artist of Russia and seven honoured artists in the theatre’s company. The indicator of the active creative activity is the fact that the theatre releases 4-6 new performances on the average per season.
There was staged more than 400 performances fr om the heritage of the world and modern dramaturgy during the 66 seasons.
Today there are “Cherry garden” by A. Chekhov, “Fat office” by A. Ostrovskiy, “Krechinskiy’s wedding” by Sukhoi-Kobylin, “Wedding” by N. Gogol, “A very simple story” by M. Lado and other in theatre’s repertoire.

“Triada” theatre
27 Lenina str.
Tel. 31-31-81
“Triada” theatre is the theatrical place of interest of Khabarovsk. “Triada” is the only in the Far East of Russia professional theatre of pantomime.
The history of the theatre started back in 1975 fr om the amateur studio organized by the graduate of the Institute of Culture, Vadim Gogolkov. On the way of the studio stir of the end of 80’s it was modified in the studio-theatre. But in 1993 it got a status of the municipal theatre.
Theatre’s repertoire is absolutely unique, there are performances of many different genres, such as plastic drama, classic pantomime and clownade, nowadays V. Gogolkov trying harder to get in to the drama theatre as well. Today in the “Triada” theatre’s repertoire there are about twenty performances. Among them there are: “Old man and the sea” – plastic drama after the story by E. Hemingway, “The land of blind” – plastic drama after the story by H. Wells, “Passion” after the story “The Queen of Spades” by A. Pushkin, “Seagull” by A. Chekhov, “Night flight” after the works by A. de Saint-Exupery, clown-mim-show “O! Oops-show!”, “Dvoryugi”, meteo-show “Snowman’s period”, mystical drama “Portrait”.
The theatre’s name also wasn’t chosen spontaneously. Triada (triplicity) – is the unity of three persons, items, ideas.

“White Theatre”
67 Sheronova str.
Tel. 30-47-91
The White Theatre – it is a chamber theatre located in Khabarovsk. It is called a chamber theatre because it is located in the little room and shows its performances only for the small gathering of the spectators. It was created in 1989 by the great stage director Arkadiy Raykin. In 1990 the theatre started to take tours abroad wh ere it got its name “White”. It was called “White” because every actor and stage director can create from the pure white list. There are about 20 performances in the theatre’s repertoire.
The White Theatre is probably the only theatre in Khabarovsk wh ere the unusual rare performances can be seen after the works of the drama writers whose works are not often staged.

Khabarovsk Regional Youth Theatre
10 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.
Tel. 32-40-63
Khabarovsk regional Youth theatre is opened for the young spectators for already 65 years. During all its life the Youth theatre presented for the spectator judgement more than 400 performances. The theatre company of the Youth theatre is a group of likeminded people with the unique combination of the gained experience and young initiative.
Today the artistic program of the Youth theatre is building according to the statement that the kids theatre should up-bring the growing up generation and to inculcate true taste.
The Youth theatre has an aim to be the “Theatre of the clever childhood”. Considering the fact that every spectator is a unique personality, the Youth theatre is forming special repertoire allow to successfully chat with an infant and with the child. With the youth, that lives in the virtual pc world, the Youth theatre having a dialogue not in the instructively preaching tone of voice but honestly, convincing them that a theatre is a place wh ere you can experience the true feelings.

Khabarovsk regional puppet theatre
35 Lenina str.
Tel. 29-39-41
Khabarovsk regional puppet theatre is located on the Lenina street in Khabarovsk. The theatre can welcome up to 70 young spectators.
This puppet theatre is established in 1997. For all those years more than forty performances have been staged. It includes different names for the different age categories of the spectator. The theatre is convinced that the young spectator should be up-brought by the best examples of the national culture, true Russian language.
Khabarovsk puppet theatre creates that special kids world wh ere a Little Person has the unique chance to open up for yourself the Art of Theatre. The puppet theatre helps parents in the children upbringing, expands kids horizon and enriches it, forming the thinking and able to feel, love and active person.

Khabarovsk regional Philharmonic Hall
7 Shevchenko str.
Tel. 32-89-51, 31-63-68
Khabarovsk regional Philharmonic hall is developing together with our region and is an essential part of its cultural life.
Today Khabarovsk Philharmonic hall has 2 halls: large for 450 seats and chamber for 100 seats.
The concert hall is unique not only for the Far Eastern region but all over the country because of its technical equipment and aesthetical level. The pride of the philharmonic hall is the only one on the Far East of Russia electric organ.
People’s artist of the USSR performed on the stage of the concert hall such as Svyatoslav Rikhter, Muslim Magomaev, Elena Obraztsova, Yuriy Bashmet and many others.
The heart of the regional philharmonic hall is the Far Eastern philharmonic orchestra. Also there are working concert band “Far East”, orchestra of the chamber music “Gloria”, folk music group “Korobeiniki” and others.

Municipal Culture centre
85 Lenina str.
Tel. 46-44-17, 46-44-03
Spacious concert hall for 620 seats with the screen, synchronous translation system and other modern multimedia equipment. The area of the hall can be expanded due to special transforming chairs.
Besides that there are 2 conference halls equipped with the latest technologies, spacious exhibition hall for organizing and carrying out different expositions. 93 m2 screen is installed in the concert hall.
Municipal cultural centre is the universal platform for the performing artists.

“Sovkino” Cinema
34 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.
Tel. 32-78-91
This cinema is the oldest in the Far East of Russia, opened in March 1910 by the merchant S.M. Kooper and businessman M.Y. Alekseev and was called back then “Grand-Illusion”.
It is equipped with the latest cinematograph engineering and has 3 halls with the total number of seats for 522 spectators.

“Gigant” Cinema
    19 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.
Tel. 90-50-50
“Gigant” cinema is one of the biggest cinemas of the Far East of Russia. There are five halls in “Gigant” that are showing the widest selection of films in the city.
On the first and second floors of the cinema there are cozy cafes and bars offering various selection of food from popcorn to Italian pizza. The cinema has discounts for pensioners, children and students.

“Fabrika gryoz” Cinema
44 Kim Yu Chena str.
Tel. 41-88-88
“Fabrika gryoz” cinema is located on the fourth floor of the SEC “Magaziny Radosti”. There are three cozy cinema halls pleasantly equipped with the comfortable chairs and also special seats for couples and VIP-room for four people.
There is a concession bar (modern cinema-buffet) opened for visitors. There are 46 latest slot-machines for children and adults which are making the waiting period before the start of the movie challenging your playing abilities.

“Majestic” Cinema
76 Karla Marxa str.
Tel. 25-12-13
“Majestic” is located on the fifth floor of the SEC “NK City”, it has two medium size cinema halls – blue and red.
On the same floor with the cinema there are located shooting saloon, pizzeria, slot-machines, café.

“Oscar” Cinema
41 Vostochnoe shosse
Tel. 90-50-50
There are two modern cinema halls in the “Golden towers” business centre: “Golden” and “Silver” with the 7,6x3,2 m screens and capacity up to 65 seats. There are few cafes next to the cinema.

“Hollywood” cinema
46 Turgeneva str.
Tel. 90-50-50
“Hollywood” is located in the office building in the centre of the city. There is a bar and two cinema halls for 103 and 26 seats (VIP-hall with the built-in the chairs waiters’ call buttons) in the cinema. There are comfortable tables with sofas and chairs in the waiting hall.

“Forum” Cinema
91 Karla Marxa str.
Tel. 45-18-00, 45-19-00
“Forum” cinema is located in the SEC “Bolshaya Medveditsa”. The cinema complex includes 4 cinema halls. Tickets booking in advance is possible.
While waiting for the start of the movie you can try skating on the fake ice skating rink, play on the slot-machines or stay at the cinema-bar.

“Atmosphere” Cinema
25 Suvorova str.
Tel. 46-03-33
Cinema complex is located in the biggest district of Khabarovsk in the SEC “South Park”.
There are three cinema halls: “the Sun”, “the Moon” and “the Sea” (two halls for 188 seats and one for 335 seats), demonstrating the premiers of the film industry. There are used the most modern technologies of the cinematography. The biggest cinema hall has the second biggest screen in the city – 17 m2.

“Druzhba” Cinema
56A Amurskiy boulevard
Tel. 21-10-86
“Druzhba” cinema was opened in Khabarovsk in 2008 after the total renovation. There are cafes and slot-machines on the second floor of the cinema. Also the ticket booking in advance is available.

Car-cinema in “Zaimka”
22 Mostovaya str (Krasnorechenskiy sovkhoz)
Tel. 90-50-50
Car-cinema is located on the “Zaimka” tourist complex’s territory, about 20 minute drive from the city, is equipped with the bug screen and powerful projectors. The car-cinema’s visitors have an access to the service of the hot food delivery from the cafes and restaurants of the tourist complex.

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