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Khabarovsk’s restaurants, bars, cafes

Cuisine: European, Italian, Korean, Japanese. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 108 Karla Marxa str.; Tel.: 27-60-99.
Cultural entertainment centre Bellagio is a harmony of the fine cuisine, friendly and highly trained personnel, stylish interior and spotless service. Bellagio customers get the access to the following facilities: sport-bar where you can watch different sport events, restaurant where you can try oriental and European cuisine, billiards club, karaoke.

Cuisine: European, Azerbaijanian, Russian. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 17 Mukhina str.; Tel.: 21-38-02, 30-45-31.
“Ali” restaurant will open the secrets of Russian, European and traditional Caucasian cuisine to its customers. Here the customers are always welcomed by the live music and friendly personnel. During the week days delicious and inexpensive lunches with the wide assortment are offered. Any festivity organized in the “Ali” restaurant whether it’s a wedding celebrations, anniversary or corporate party will become unforgettable due to finest cuisine, attentive service and creative show program.

Cuisine: European, Italian, Russian. Average total bill: 2000 – 2500 rub.
Address: 29 Lenina str.; Tel.: 23-33-33.
    “Amur” café and restaurant is a real adornment of Khabarovsk. This restaurant is made for the real food lovers. First thing that you spot when you get inside is the design of the café and restaurant – big lamps, big amount of photographs and tendencious mix of chairs and arm chairs of different shapes and colours. But for sure the main fact is the warm and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant.

Cuisine: European, Japanese. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 7 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 32-78-01.
    “Beerfest” is one the best chains of the beer restaurants in the city of Khabarovsk uniting the simplicity and finery of the interior where the people of different age and status will feel the same comfort. For a better enjoyment of the live draft beer “Beerfest” offers the appropriate cuisine. Any dish you like you can chose it yourself. This form of service existed in the English and Welsh pubs because people didn’t feel comfortable when they were served by waiters.

Cuisine: European, Japanese. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 23 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 77-77-05.
    Have you had a lot of unforgettable evenings in your life, the nice memories of which are you can not forget for a long time? The feeling of a party, drive of the bright impressions in the warm and comfortable company these are the main components of the good mood. The whole range of positive emotions you can get if you visit DJ café “Gallery”. The distinctive feature of this café is the combination of the clubbing atmosphere and a comfortable café-restaurant. The customers are impressed with the different creativity of interior design. There is modern European and Japanese cuisine available for the guest.

Cuisine: European. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 5 Leningradskaya str.; Tel.: 91-06-58.
    “Gaudi” restaurant is a real Spanish corner in Khabarovsk. The design of the restaurant is created based on the architecture of the Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi. The speciality of the restaurant is “Rabo-de-Toro” which means oxtails. In the 16th century oxtails were cooked in Cordoba fr om the ox that were killed on the Corrida arena. The restaurant has 80 seats. Banquette room is for 10 and 30 people.

Cuisine: Chinese. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 22 Serysheva str.; Tel.: 56-88-02.
    There are places that recommended itself as the true keepers of cultural traditions. One of them is a Chinese restaurant “Imperator” opened in 2001. It is located in the city centre and offers to its customers to dip into the fine oriental atmosphere. Restaurants’ interior project is designed by one of the modern in Khabarovsk creativity and design agencies. Modern and ethnic at the same time interior according to the designer’s ideas is reflecting the life of China of XXI century.
    “Imperator” restaurant has a spacious dining room and also two banquette rooms for parties, meetings and negotiations.

Cuisine: Russian, European, Chinese. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 2 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 31-20-81.
    “Intourist” restaurant is a beautiful place for foreign and local guests of the city, great place for having wedding parties, business or special banquettes, corporate parties, family rest, business meetings. The restaurant is located in the centre of Khabarovsk in the “Intourist” hotel. There are two dining rooms for 215 seats. The distinctive feature of the “Intourist” restaurant is keeping the old traditions of the Russian feasts. It is a great place to take a break fr om exotic dishes and remember the taste of the last century’s dishes. New dishes are often appear in the restaurants’ menu. There is a big selection of desserts. The special attention is given to the wine list, it consists of the drinks fr om all over the world. Also the best chefs fr om the East are invited fr om China, they cook the dishes of the emperor’s cuisine. There are parties with exclusive defile in combination with bright performances of the celebrities every month and with the quality cuisine create a special mood for our guests.

“Korea House”
Cuisine: European, Korean. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 2 Amursky boulevard; Tel.: 31-22-34
    Korean cuisine has centuries-old traditions and even the most picky food lovers would be pleased! We are happy to see city resident and guest of Khabarovsk in our comfortable restaurant!
    Restaurant offers the dishes of the national and European cuisine.

Cuisine: European, Uzbek. Average total bill: 1500 -2500 rub.
Address: 18 Leningradskaya str.; Tel.: 38-17-68; 21-99-39
    It is an oasis of serenity and luxury, oriental fairy tale in the middle of the daily life in the noisy city. Fairy world where you come back over and over again like you are connected to it with the invisible string.
    Cozy atmosphere, Moroccan music, excellent show programs, traditional menu with the delicious piquant Uzbek cuisine dishes are ideal for the meetings with friends, business negotiations, festivities or romantic dinner.

Cuisine: European, German. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 44 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 41-18-55
    Restaurants of Khabarovsk are the pride of the city. But its true decoration are unusual restaurant. “Munich” restaurant – a beer restaurant- offers 40 types of beer! The signature dish is home-made sausages (beer snack) prepared according to the original recipes.

Cuisine: European, Italian, Russian, Japanese. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 26A Dikopoltseva str.; Tel.: 41-81-00
    It is one of those bar-restaurants of Khabarovsk which are focused for the sports and business atmosphere. Restaurant offers a big variety of soups, dumplings and perogies, pizza and rolls. There is a smoke house in the restaurant where wings and ribs are prepared – it’s everyone’s favourite snack.
    The customers can choose a cake fr om tens of items for a dessert. The cakes are also home-made in the restaurants kitchen. And in addition to a dessert – a cup of home-made tea made of clusterberry, mint, honey.

Cuisine: European, Russian. Average total bill: 1500 – 2500 rub.
Address: 43 Amursky boulevard; Tel.: 56-70-10
    “Regent” restaurant is located in the centre of the city. It’s a top class restaurant for 120 seats. There is a banquette room for 8 seats, VIP-room, karaoke. Food service is certified. There is a splendid interior, cozy romantic atmosphere, quick and friendly service.

Cuisine: Russian. Average total bill: 1500 – 2500 rub.
Address: 9 Ussuriyskiy boulevard; Tel.: 79-37-61
    “Russkiy” restaurant in Khabarovsk is a favourite place of the residents and guests of the city especially the foreign tourists. Here you can try always freshly made delicious traditional Russian cuisine. Different types of home-made dumplings, pancakes, meat balls, borsch, game and many other.

Cuisine: Japanese. Average total bill: 1000 – 1500 rub.
Address: 3A Muravyova-Amurskogo str; Tel.: 32-51-75
    “Sapporo” restaurant was opened in Khabarovsk in 1991. It was the first restaurant of the Japanese cuisine, it is still very popular among the Far Eastern population and foreign guests of the city. On the third floor of the restaurant the chefs will make traditional Japanese dishes fr om the freshest ingredients, such as sushi, sashimi, tempura and others.

“Sushi Oki”
Cuisine: Japanese. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 118 Volochaevskaya str.; Tel.: 42-02-03
    The main principal and philosophy of the Japanese cuisine is to pass and save the natural taste of the products. That’s why the ingredients usually exposed to the minimal heat treatment and often are served raw in Japanese cuisine. Famous sushi, rolls, sashimi, ramen, harumaki. Our guests can order these and other dishes and also the beverages imported fr om the Land of the Rising Sun. There is sake and syotyu, Japanese wines and cocktails. Beer lovers can try draft light and dark “Asahi”. For the European and Russian cuisine lovers there is a special menu fr om which you can order even in advance popular salads and main courses.

Cuisine: Chinese. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 4 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 31-13-28
    “Siangan” restaurant offers sweet and sour, light and soft delicious dishes of the Chinese cuisine for a noisy party and quiet family dinner, on a holiday and on a week day for the fine judges and food lovers. The restaurant is following all traditions to allow the dishes to remain tasty and good for you! The recipes of the signature Chinese dishes were passed fr om one generation to another and now residents and guests of Khabarovsk can enjoy its taste.

“Fiesto de Rio”
Cuisine: Azerbaijan, European,. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 2 Lva Tolstogo str.; Tel.: 76-27-68
    It’s a place for those who love good food and spend a good time. The restaurant is located in the very centre of Khabarovsk. There are daily shows, musicals and performances, dances and fiery of the party, astonishing interior and lovely comfort, attentive personnel and fully secured relaxation for our guests.

Cuisine: Azerbaijan, European. Average total bill: 1500 – 2500 rub.
Address: 118 Volochaevskaya str.; Tel. 42-02-20
    The restaurant for 60 people has two dining rooms with specific atmosphere and Azerbaijan, European and classic Russia cuisines. The accent is made on the Azerbaijan cuisine assuming a special atmosphere that can be created only by the people with the Oriental mentality. Definite manners and great professional education of the waiters allows the restaurant to friendly welcome and serve guests.

“El Rancho”
Cuisine: European. Average total bill: 1500 – 2500 rub.
Address: 85 Zaparina str.; Tel.: 30-25-93
    A corporate party in the cozy and home-like restaurant “El Rancho” serving the best steaks in Khabarovsk is an ideal option for the male colleagues. Restaurant’s chef made an accent on the meat dishes to make the special traditions of the restaurant – a lot of customers take “El Rancho”’s cuisine as a meat cuisine. And it’s true that meat and precisely its types and types of preparation are raised into a class of cult. Home-made sauces and gravy are served with meat, such as spicy, Argentinian, chimichurri and many other. Besides that there is a big selection of salads, first courses and fish dishes, desserts on the menu.
“La Vita”
Cuisine: European. Average total bill: 500 – 1000 rub.
Address: 66 Amursky boulevard; Tel.: 30-14-27
    76A Karla Marxa str.; Tel.: 41-09-08
    42 Lenina str.; Tel.: 31-48-31
    43 Karla Marxa str.; Tel.: 21-02-42
    26 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 78-77-00.
    It is a small, modern, cozy café, “the corner of Europe” in the centre of Khabarovsk. There are little tables near the large windows with the comfortable sofas and many interesting items attract the customers’ attention. All the cafes of the chain is a non-smoking cafes that’s why mothers and granny with children can easily come here to try the pasties, cakes, biscuits, truffles while having a cup of tea or coffee.

Cuisine: Ukrainian.
Address: 84 Zaparina str.; Tel.: 60-03-77.
    “Kabachok” restaurant is opened on the Zaparina street in Khabarovsk for those who love to have good food and drinks and to relax. The restaurant transfers Ukrainian spirit, differs with the atmosphere of wealth, fun, variety and real Slavic mentality.
    “Kabachok” is ideal for the friendly dinners, family parties and corporate parties. Warm friendly atmosphere is created by the wealthy wooden furniture, smiley waiters in the traditional costumes, colourful menu and national Ukrainian décor.
    “Kabachok”’s menu allows to experience the way of real Ukrainian dinner. Dumplings, lard, pickles, thick borsch with real gorilka, fruit drinks and herbal teas make you get the feeling of the real gastronomic satisfaction.

Cuisine: European.
Address: 46 Dikopoltseva str.; Tel.: 30-65-71
    Khabarovsk’s restaurant “Poekhali” is different from the other city restaurants with the increased level of positivity. There are signature cocktails, strong alcohol, juices, teas and coffee in “Poekhali”. During the week days and weekends there are theme show programs for the customers. For organizing an unusual wedding party or indifferent birthday party the rent of the restaurant is possible.

Cuisine: European.
Address: 100 Krasnodarskaya str.; Tel.: 20-96-75
    The restaurant offers splendid steaks from the special types of beef. Steak is a dish arrived to us from Europe. But despite its foreign origin, steak is greatly loved by the Russians. And that is quite reasonable. Because the best steaks are the pure beef which is prepared from the sel ected parts of the marbled beef. Well prepared steak is very delicious that’s why it is loved by many gourmands of the world and Russians as well.

Cuisine: European.
Address: 52 Pushkina str.; Tel.: 3000-401
    Khabarovsk’s restaurant “R-Cafe” opened on Pushkina street not too long ago. All the new tendencies of the restaurant business are successfully combined in “R-Cafe”. The most latest gastronomic lines gathered from the Eurasian cafes and bars are presented here. The restaurant has united European and Asian cuisine. Fusion style especially loved by the experimentalists allows to try different tastes of the world and to see unique ways of serving. Here you can find Italian pizza and pasta, Chinese soups and exotic dishes, French wine and exclusive snacks, main Russian dishes and many other. There are desserts, meat and fish assortments, grilled dishes.

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 29A Demyana Bednogo str.; Tel.: 20-81-91
The wide selection of the Chinese cuisine. You can spend a wonderful evening here and receive a great satisfaction from the Chinese cuisine.

Cuisine: Russian, European
Address: 64 Istomina str.; Tel.: 76-76-76
    “Flowers” is a designer’s restaurant of Russian and European cuisine located in the peaceful pretty place right in the centre of the city. Bright authentic interior is rich with intriguing details in the cozy full of light dining room of the restaurant the time passes by unnoticeably. For those who like more privacy the restaurant offers comfortable and friendly banquette room. Frills of the interior and décor are continued by stylish and interesting music of different types – from rock & roll classics and pop music to the latest music releases. There are popular brands of alcohol and rare elite alcohol in the bar. The big wine list is added with lots of nice cocktails. The main thing is that “Flowers” have a simple cuisine which is not actually that simple and attentive and friendly personnel who value every customer.

Cuisine: Mexican
Address: 23 Leningradskaya str.; Tel.: 38-19-19
    Two dining rooms of “Chilli” restaurant can accommodate noisy companies and romantic couples. Here can be organized quiet business dinner and funny children’s party. For customers who prefer privacy there is a stylish VIP room for 12 seats.
    For the good food lovers there is comfortable and friendly hacienda, stylish Mexican corner. Wooden heavy furniture, stained glass windows with the paintings of cactuses, tin lampshades, tomato-red and sandy-yellow colours in combination with Mexican cuisine create personal unique style of Khabarovsk’s “Chilli” restaurant.

Cuisine: Korean
Address: 20V Promyshlennaya str.; Tel.: 45-01-24
    “Pusan” restaurant is a perfect pace for dining and relaxation located on Promyshlennaya street in Khabarovsk. The restaurant is sticking to the Korean theme and is only a little bit mixed with the European spirit.
    “Pusan” is divided on to three separate zones. The eastern hall can sit up to 60 people. European hall can sit up to 110 people and is a place for carrying our big parties. Banquette hall can sit up to 15 people and is used for the quiet companies and corporate parties. All the rooms are beautifully decorated with the comfortable furniture, have luxurious décor and quality climate-control with the ventilation system. “Pusan” restaurant offers interesting dishes of Korean cuisine. The menu consists of the traditional and Europeanized variations more familiar for the Russians. Also there is a menu section with the snacks and main courses of the other world cuisines. The wide selection of drinks consists from cocktails, aroma coffee, fruit drinks, alcohol, teas and juices. Desserts are made by the recipes of the chef.

Cuisine: Chinese
Address:158 Prospect 60-letiya Oktyabrya; Tel.: 69-20-22
    “Pekin” restaurant in Khabarovsk is one of the few wh ere the type of service is buffet. Chinese restaurant with Swedish motives. The spirit is all the best from the world culinary and restaurant service. Convenient, fast and delicious.

“Beer House”
Cuisine: European
Address: 9 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.; Tel.: 31-18-45
    “Beer House” restaurant was created in Khabarovsk for those who like to have a rest in style.
    “Beer House” became the analogue of the best Europe’s beer houses. Restaurant’s interior was exclusively created by the designers for the future customers. Inside the restaurant good music, friendly atmosphere, quality service are combined. The public hall is wonderful for the informal communication. VIP zones can be used even for the business lunches. Rooms special décor is quality made wooden furniture.
    “Beer House” menu presents chef’s signature style mixed with the German cuisine. There are six types of draft Belgium, German, Czech beer added with lots of types of bottled beers. Traditional snacks, salads, fish and meat assortments and European soups and seasonal dishes are served here.

“Asia’s Dragon”
Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 20 Vladivostokskaya; Tel.: 8-914-776-41-12
    “Asia’s Dragon” restaurant has two small dining rooms and every one of them is individual. The first one is the stylish copy of the ancient Chinese yard. It is railed in by four walls and only the sky above you shows the feeling of open space and infinity. The second one is called “Precious jewel-case”. That is an absolutely fair name for it, there are the best examples of Chinese china from different epochs and dynasties made on one of the leading Chinese factories.

Cuisine: European
Address: 5 Shevchenko str.; Tel.: 33-22-22
    “Parus” restaurant is one of the most respectable restaurants in Khabarovsk. Luxurious European style interior, perfect service, staff’s hospitality and friendliness allow the guests to truly value wonderful Russian and European cuisine, wide assortment of the various wines and drinks. The pleasure that you get from the luxurious meal in our restaurant will become not only the bright memory but an event that you will want to repeat again. The capacity of the restaurant is 45 people.

“Green Plaza”
Cuisine: Korean
Address: 6 Moskovskaya str.; Tel.: 30-19-28
    “Green Plaza” café during the past fifteen years make the residents and guests of Khabarovsk happy with the traditional Korean delicacies. It is one of the first cafes in Khabarovsk wh ere all the most popular dishes of the South Korean cuisine are presented. There is a spacious dining room at the café, the capacity of it is up to 80 persons. Karaoke and professional DJ will help to create an unforgettable fun party atmosphere and become a fun hint of every banquette. There are also two comfortable VIP-rooms in the café. For the lovers of the traditional cuisine the café offers a big selection of European dishes.

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 4 Kirpichniy pereulok; Tel.: 27-29-39
    Chinese cuisine it is very responsible. As responsible as popular. The main thing is to not to overperform. “Teatralnoe” is one of the Khabarovsk’s cafés wh ere no one plays but lives with the Chinese cuisine…
    The special pride of the café is comfortable, theme banquette rooms (tea, bamboo and ho-go) wh ere you can enjoy privacy in the atmosphere of the true Chinese interior listening traditional Chinese music. The guests are welcomed by the waiters wearing traditional Chinese clothes. Chinese traditional music is played.

“Golden anchor”
Cuisine: Russian, European.
Address: 2 Muravyova-Amurskogo str.: Tel.: 58-47-48
    “Golden anchor” restaurant is one of those places in Khabarovsk when visited once you’ll want to come back over and over again. The restaurant is conveniently located on the Muravyova-Amurskogo street. It is very easy to get here on any type of transport or by foot. “Golden anchor” doesn’t have its private parking lot because the whole perimeter of the Komsomolskaya square can be freely used for parking by the customers.
    The total restaurant’s capacity is up to 100 people. Officially in the karaoke room up to 40 persons can be seated. In the second and third rooms up to 20 and 30 persons accordingly. Smoking is permitted in the restaurant but there is no smoke or cigarette smell because of the quality ventilation.
“Book Cafe”
Cuisine: European. Average total bill: 500 – 1500 rub.
Address: 72 Sheronova str.; Tel.: 32-70-79
    “Book cafe” café is the first intellectual café in Khabarovsk wh ere you can enjoy Russian cuisine, fresh aroma coffee, and masterpieces of the Russian and world literature by listening quiet relaxing electronic Ambient music. The customers have an access to the book shelves with the works of the different writers, there is a wide selection of books of Russian and foreign literature. “Book cafe” café is specially created for those who can catch a break from the busy city life by reading a book in the pleasant relaxing atmosphere despite their profession or other views of life.
    The special point should be given to the regularly carried out poetic and literature evenings at the “Book cafe”. These evenings are accompanied by the performances of the local poets. Apart from the poetic evenings there are cases of photo presentations of the famous Far Eastern artists. One of the other distinctive features of the “Book cafe” club are regular closed shows of the cult films with the active discussions after watching it. At the end of the working week on Fridays and Saturdays you can sit in the café up until the early morning.

Cuisine: European. Average total bill: 500 – 1500 rub.
Address: 72 Sheronova str.; Tel.: 678-333
    Oriental style interior and traditional Chinese cuisine are ideal for the relaxing business lunch, friendly meeting, family dinner or fun birthday party, anniversary, kids party, corporate party and wedding party. Ancient Chinese cuisine presented here is surprisingly simple, delicious, and close to the modern taste. These dishes are valued in China wh ere the chefs tried to save the natural taste of the ingredients, its fresh natural look and colours from the ancient times.  
The pride of the “Confucius” restaurant is the team of Chinese chefs with a famous head chef from Beijing.
Also it needs to be said that the portions of the “Confucius” restaurant are big and are really correspond with the portions of the traditional Chinese cuisine.

Cuisine: Chinese, European
Address: 86B Lazo str.; Tel.: 91-19-59
    It is a small restaurant for 36 seats. One dining room with 8 tables. Cozy, home atmosphere and quiet music are completed with the warmth of the fireplace.
    There is European and shanduiskaya cuisine.
    The distinctive feature of the Luga restaurant is gastro-boutique wh ere a wide selection of wine, cheese, steaks, smoked delicacies are presented which can also be bought for take away.

“Tiffany Lounge”
Cuisine: European
Address: 94 Kalinina str.; Tel.: 31-59-56
    Comfortable Italian sofas and tables with classic sitting give you the opportunity to spend time with comfort. Also there is a bar counter in the dining room wh ere you can sit and spend some time in the barman’s company while he is making a cocktail or a cup of coffee for you. This dining room is made for up to 70 people and is excellent for carrying out banquettes, wedding parties and corporate parties. The second room “Tiffany lounge” has an area with the comfortable sofas and picturesque pillows. Comfortable VIP room is diving you from the whole world, and Lounge music is taking you in to the infinity.

Cuisine: European, Russian
Address: 138 Voronezhskaya str.; Tel.: 41-60-70
    There is a spacious dining hall for the customers for up to 100 seats. There is a separate smoking room. You can listen to live music and dance in the “Abricol” restaurant in the evenings. There are different show programs, performances of the best vocal and choreography groups, original genre artists during the weekends and holidays.

Cuisine: Azerbaijan
Address:19A Vostretsova str.; Tel.: 32-71-33
    The house is starting with the walls and the good restaurant as well. “Baku” restaurant took this part very responsibly. For creating the luxurious interior the famous artist with his students was invited specially fr om Azerbaijan. A little waterfall, grand columns, unforgettable ornament and stucco moldings is the oriental luxury of “Baku” which is just quite like the real padishah residence.
    People of Azerbaijan are the magicians in the way of cooking meat, no one can cook it like they do. One of the secrets is their spices, its unique combination gives that special aroma that are teasing gourmand’s nose.
    The other secret is the special dishware like legendary wok. Those who try dalma, pilau, shashlyk or lulah kebab will want to come back here over and over again!

“Tokyo street”
Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 76 Kalinina str.; Tel.: 94-44-89
         38A Lenina str.
    The “Tokyo street” restaurant specializing in the modern Japanese cuisine was opened in Khabarovsk since January 2012. A big menu consists of classic and modern dishes: mosaic, fried and chocolate rolls, European salads variations in Japanese style and many other. And all of these is inexpensive. The cuisine and the interior of the restaurant take the customers to the atmosphere of the modern Tokyo: comfortable sofas, pleasant music and views of the streets of Japanese capital. The main wall is decorated as the panoramic view on the most famous Tokyo street Shibuya.

Cuisine: Italian
Address: 87 Volochaevskaya str.; Tel.: 46-43-43
    In the “Trattoria” pizzeria you can enjoy wonderful Mediterranean cuisine.
    Home made pasta, always fresh fish, seafood and meat. Wonderful desserts. The wide selection of wine. The restaurant will impress the customers with the big selection and the inexpensive prices.
    “Trattoria” is a beautiful place that is favourable for relaxation wh ere you can spend time with the loved ones or have a business meeting. The interior is pleasant for the eyes, it’s decorated in the style with the Italian hint.
    The pizzas are prepared in accordance with the ancient recipes.

Cuisine: European
Address: 80 Dikopoltseva str.; Tel.: 21-12-60
    The customers get the culinary masterpieces, delicious and aroma dishes prepared by our chefs on a BBQ! Banquette dishes are different not only with the wonderful taste but also with the decoration and service! During the warm months of the year the summer terrace is opened for the customers wh ere you can have a lovely time with your friends.
    The splendid live flower garden is just near the summer terrace of the “Afalina” restaurant.
    There are juicy aroma shashlyk prepared on the BBQ, summer soups and salads on the menu. As about the other dishes then it is really hard to find such a selection of the fresh beautifully cooked seafood. The serving is very beautiful too.
Cuisine: European
Address: 59 Karla Marxa str.; Tel.: 776-762
    Comfortable tables, sofas and lounges for the fun companies. European, chefs’ and Japanese cuisine, signature desserts and fresh pastry, wide selection of shisha. DJ-café.

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