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Non-commercial tourist organizations of Khabarovsk

    Far Eastern regional branch of Russian tourist industry union
    Chairman of the board – Osaulenko Aleksandr Pavlovich
    86 Kalinina str., Khabarovsk
    Tel. 38-85-19, 31-15-19, 32-53-78, 32-79-68 (fax)
    Russian tourist industry union is the largest sectorial association which consists of tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, health resort institutions, transport, insurance, consulting, IT-companies, educational institutions, mass media, public and other organizations in the tourism industry.
    Today there are more than 650 organizations from Russia, countries near and far abroad in the Union, and counting the members of the other tourist and hotel associations included in the RUTI, the Union represents the interests of more than 1300 organizations of the tour industry. RUTI structure consists of 12 regional departments – North Western, Primorskoe, Krasnoyarskoe, Khabarovskoe, Tverskoe, Central-Chernozemnoe, Nizhegorodskoe, Buryatskoe, Udmurtskoe, Rostovskoe, Privolzhskoe and RUTI branch on the Caucasian Spas.
    Within the frameworks of the Union the following committees are operating: health resort, domestic tourism, legal, insurance, bus. Organizations-members of RUTI are registered and have branches in more than 70 Russian cities.
    RUTI was established in 1993. Until 2002 the organization was called Russian travel agencies association (RTAA). The main goals of RUTI is creating in the country civilized travel market and increasing competition of the national tourist product services in the tourism industry.

    Interregional Association of the Far Eastern independent tour operators
    Chairman of the board – Nikulin Aleksandr Efimovich
    1-A Sovetskaya str., Khabarovsk
    Tel.: (4212) 34-10-92, 34-69-66, 32-88-95  Fax: (4212) 34-10-92
    Email: fareast@safari.khv.ru
    Interregional Association of the Far Eastern independent tour operators is the voluntary non-profit association of the legal entities of all forms of ownership and established for development and coordination of the tourist activity of the Far Eastern regions, creating of data bases and other informational systems supporting the work efficiency.
    The members of the Interregional Association of the Far Eastern independent tour operators are Amurskaya oblast, Kamchatskaya oblast, Koryakskiy autonomous okrug, Magadanskaya oblast, Primorsk Territory, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Sakhalinskaya oblast, Khabarovsk Territory, Chukotskiy autonomous okrug, other regions of Russia, foreign members, and also a lot of organizations, companies, institutions and centres.

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