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    Lenin Square, Muravyova-Amurskogo str., Khabarovsk
    The main square of the city is the square named after V.I. Lenin. It takes the second place of the square sizes in Russia (more than 25 thousand square meters), only giving way to the Red square! It was laid in 1864 and ever since then is the main place for carrying out the events. The history of the square development is connected with the history of Khabarovsk. Earlier it was called Nikolaevskaya square and later in 1917 it was renamed in the square of Freedom. In 1925 in the centre of the square the monument to V.I. Lenin was placed and in 1950 it was removed to the tribunes that could held up to 2500 people and at the same time it was renamed as the Stalin square. In 1957 the square was renamed as Lenin square. In 1998 the square was reconstructed and appeared renewed, ceremonial and pretty.
    In the summer time the square looks like one big blooming carpet. The main décor of the square are the fountains. There are eight little fountains surrounding the square and the main fountain is in the centre which consists of the 3 little ones: upper, intermediate and lower. The diameter of the lower basin on the external side is 22 meters. The whole fountain takes a square for 52x52 meters.
    In winter the square isn’t less pretty, there is a new years tree, ice-sculptures city, sleeping fountain in the twinkle of the colourful lights. Every year the ice sculptures are shinning on the sun fr om the new year holidays up to the spring warmth. Ice aquariums with the fishes, beautiful flowers, myths’ heroes impress the guests and residents of the city with it bright colours.
    During the past few years the ice sculpture’s festival is carried out on the square. Artists fr om different countries: China, Japan, South Korea and other come here.
    Komsomolskaya square, 1 Muravyova-Amurskogo str., Khabarovsk
    Komsomolskaya square is the second central square of the city is connected by the wide straight main road – Muravyova-Amurskogo street – with the V.I.Lenin square. It is stretching over the embankment of the Amur River. In the beginning the square was called Sobornaya, there was a big cathedral located there but in the 30s years of the last century the cathedral was demolished. In October 1956 twenty two meter high granite monument for the “Heroes of the Civil war in the Far East” was opened in the square.
    In 2002 on the place of the demolished in the 30s years cathedral the memorial church was built, the Khabarovsk-city Holy Assumption Cathedral church. Nowadays two squares Komsomolskaya and Sobornaya are united in to one architectural complex.

    Glory Square, 1 Lenina str., Khabarovsk
    The youngest square of Khabarovsk – Glory square, is located on the high bank of the Amur River. It was opened on the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. It is located in the central part of the city on the high hill near the wide Amur. One of the main streets of the city – Lenina street, is connected to it.
    30 meter high obelisk consisting of three towers is placed in the centre of the square. There are names of the Khabarovsk residents, the heroes of the socialistic labour and cavalier of the order of Glory. On the top part of the obelisk there is a metal filled plastic wh ere you can see the flying colours decorated with the five-pointed star (the symbol of feat of arms) and hammer and sickle (the symbol of feat of labour). A branch of the laurel is at the bottom of the obelisk.
    The central building of the memorial complex was built for the 40th anniversary of the Great Victory, it was a Memorial Wall built in semi-circle surrounding the podium-platform in the centre of which there is a eternal flame. With the time there have appeared towers wh ere the names of 32662 residents of the territory who haven’t returned from the war are carven.

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