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Khabarovsk city parks

    Regional park named after N.N. Muravyov-Amursky, 15 Shevchenko str., Khabarovsk
    The park is located alongside the Amur River embankment until Komsomolskaya square. The decoration of the park is the monument to the general-governor of the Eastern Siberia count N.N. Muravyov-Amursky.
    The monument was built in 1891 on the bank of Amur with the help of donations by design of the sculptor academic A.M. Opekushin. The project of the monument was personally approved by Alexander the III. Five-meter high figure of the count was partially made in St. Petersburg and the block platform was built according to the project of the military engineer. The monument’s opening was coincided with the visit of the successor to the throne, future Emperor Nikolas the II. But in the early years of the Soviet republic according to the decision of the Far Eastern revolution committee fr om the 26th of January 1925 the sculpture was removed fr om the platform and remelted. But 60 years after it was decided to reconstruct the monument according to the saved in the museum model. On the 30th of May 1992 in the Khabarovsk city’s birthday anniversary the bronze statue of the governor was back in place.
    In the end of 2007 the Governor of Khabarovsk Territory decided to rename the Central park of culture and leisure named after N.N. Muravyov-Amursky in to “Khabarovsk regional park named after N.N. Muravyov-Amursky”.
    During spring of 2008 the stage for the symphonic orchestra, summer-house for the wind-band and also a memorable sign with the name of the park were built on the park’s territory.

    City leisure park named after A.M. Gaidar, 2 L.Tolstogo str., Khabarovsk    Children’s park named after Gaidar is a very beautiful place in Khabarovsk where you can have a great time with the kids. There are amusements for kids and adults: carousels, bouncy castles, slides, game machines, cafes on the park’s territory. Amusement centre “Arlekin” is located in the park, there are amusements, false mirrors, kids bowling, café for children and toy shops. During the winter the football field is covered with ice and there is a place wh ere you can rent ice-skates.

“Khabarovsk Arboretum” Park, 7 Shkolnaya str., Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk arboretum was founded on the 19th of October 1896. The total area of arboretum then was only 4 hectares. Nursery-garden and forest division field were laid on this soil. Back then the arboretum was just a thick forest of oak trees, elm trees and other trees. Here the first attempts of filling-up the forest plants took place such as pine trees and Ussuriskaya pear trees. During the times of its functioning, the arboretum was owned by different departments. In 1939 it received the status of the forest management in the system of the Far Eastern Scientific-Research Institute. From the 50s years of last century the works on acclimatization of the unadaptable to this climate plants began. The main collection of the trees happened during that period of time. Khabarovsk’s arboretum received the title of the natural sanctuary of the regional value and is a cultural centre of the city. Besides that the forest strip is located nearly in the city centre wh ere is providing its ecological function.
    Walking along its alleys you can see how the wild Amur grape, Chinese magnolia-vine and other lianas braiding the bodies of birches and fir-trees. Amur cork-tree, Manchurian walnut are growing here. Among the numerous lianas, kolomikta actimidia, sweet berries that look like sweeties can be pointed out. The arboretum’s collection is a unique genofond of the dendroflora. Today it counts up to 386 types of plants. There are plants from all over the world. There are samples from Himalayas, submountain regions of Tien Shan and also from North America. A lot of representatives of the Manchurian flora that can be found in arboretum can’t be found in the wild outside of the Far East anymore.

“Severniy” Park, 43 Trekhgornaya str., Khabarovsk
Today the residents and visitors of Khabarovsk that visiting the park can stand on the bridges near the ponds, relax in the comfortable summer-houses, walk around the shady alleys, play basketball on the open basketball court. And little visitors can meet the fairy-tales characters made of wood.
There is a church of the reverend Serphim Sarovskiy, 400-tree avenue of limes is planted and perhaps the most pretty Palace of Festivities in the city is built in the park.
Despite the one little pond in the park, the cascade of three little but very picturesque ponds was opened for the city’s 155th anniversary.

“Dinamo” city leisure park, 62 Karla Marxa str., Khabarovsk
“Dinamo” city cultural and leisure park is a very large and beautiful park in the centre of Khabarovsk. The total area of the park is 31 hectare. It is a picturesque “forest island” in the centre of the city! You can relax in the park any time of the year. It is very beautiful here in the summer: there are blooming flowers, trees. There are a lot of summer cafes, for the sports lovers there are tennis courts, amusements for the kids. There are a lot of youth in the park in the evenings so it’s very entertaining here. There is a wind-band orchestra playing here on the weekends. In the winter the park never gets empty. There are ice figures, slides, Christmas trees, Father Frost and Ice-Princess make the park become a fairy-tale. There is a nice-skating rink for the adults and kids on the “Dinamo” stadium. During the autumn the park is attractive by its colours and elegance. The ground is covered with the fluffy carpet of colourful leaves. City ponds with its pedestrian zone and singing fountain cascade are located not far from the park.

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