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    Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral, 24 Turgeneva str., Khabarovsk
    The first rock in the foundation of the orthodox church after the blessing of the Philaret of All-Russia Alexei the II was put on the bank of the Amur River in 2001. The Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy cathedral on the Glory square is the third biggest cathedral among the orthodox cathedrals in Russia after the Cathedral of the Christ the Saviour in Moscow and Issac cathedral in St. Petersburg. Its height fr om the ground to the top of the golden dome fr om the side of the shrine is 95 meters. The top hall can take up to 2000 people, the lower hall up to 1500 people. It was built on the Glory square as the symbol of mightiness in the Far East. It was blessed in 2004. The cathedral is decorated with the fresco paintings of the group of Moscow’s artists specially invited to Khabarovsk by the bishop of Khabarovsk and Priamurie Mark. The cathedral decorates the streets of Khabarovsk attracting the looks of pilgrims, tourists and also not indifferent to the belief residents.
    The Nativity of Christ Cathedral, 65 Leningradskaya str.
    The Nativity of Christ Cathedral was found in 1900. It’s the only cathedral in Khabarovsk that was active during the Soviet period. The cathedral was built out of the sources from the Alexander the III emperor’s fund. The blessing took place on the 27th of May 1901. The Nativity of Christ Cathedral closed after the revolution was reopened during the war years and got the status of the cathedral. With the revitalizing of the Khabarovsk’s bishopric’s activity it became the cathedral church and remained it until building of the Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy cathedral in 2004.

Khabarovsk-city Holy Assumption Cathedral church, 1 Sobornaya square, Khabarovsk
The Cathedral of the Assumption was founded on the 23rd of May 1884 by the project of the engineer S.O.Bera. The money for its construction were collected from all over the world. The main scope of works was finished on the 24th of December 1886 but the cathedral was completely blessed on the 16th of December 1890. In 1930 the cathedral was destroyed as “having no notion of the architectural merits”. The question of the reconstruction of the Cathedral of the Assumption on its historical place arose in the end of 1980s. The foundation of the monumental cathedral was blessed on the 19th of October 2000, the construction was completed in October 2001, and on the 12th of October 2002 the procession of the Cross took place. The second life of the revitalized cathedral officially started on the 19th of October 2002 on the day of its festive blessing. On the 26th of February 2004 the Cathedral of  the Assumption was visited by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The Church of the saint bishop Innocent of Irkutsk, 73B Turgeneva str., Khabarovsk
The church is the main orthodox church of the city. This oldest church of Khabarovsk has its history from 1870. Initially the church was wooden and when it became old, the church made of rocks was built.  Its gorgeous outline was made in the style of the 17th century churches. But in the 30s years of the 20th century the church has shared the same fate as the most of the cult organizations – its services were stopped. The revitalization of the church started in 1991. The second birth of the church became exactly hundred years later after the blessing of the built of rocks Innocent cathedral – in 1998 golden domes with crosses were made on the church.
The interiors of the church are done by the artists of Khabarovsk accompanied by the V. Evtushenko in the canon style of the XVII century. In the church’s carved wooden icon-stand there were placed the icons of the saint bishops Innocent of Irkutsk, Innocent of Moscow, Reverend Seraphim Sarovskiy and Sergey Radonezhskiy. Besides that there is an artophorion with relics of 15 saints.

The church of the Holy blessed duke Alexander Nevskiy, 24A Yasnaya str., Khabarovsk
It is the church named after one of the famous Russian warriors, holy blessed duke Alexander Nevskiy was opened by the requests of the orthodox community of the Krasnoflotskiy settlement of Kirovskiy district of Khabarovsk during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic war – on the 17th of July 1943.
The only one on the territory of Khabarovsk Territory church was given baldakin and velvet apparelling from the Khabarovsk regional museum of icons, and was given the worship books and theologic literature from Khabarovsk regional scientific library.
In 1990 the beneficiary of the church of holy blessed duke Alexander Nevskiy became archpriest Sergey Mescheryakov and the new stage started in the life of the church. The first lessons of the Sunday school started in the lodge. In 1994 the wooden building with two rooms for the lessons and meals was constructed by the residents. Today the classes are taking place in the new made of rock building, the construction of which took place from 1999 to 2002. House baptistery church is located on the first floor, which was blessed on the 14th of December 2002 in honour of blessed duke Daniil Moskovskiy by bishop of Khabarovsk and Priamurie Mark. Gorgeous marble font, decorated with the carvings was made and donated to the church by the resident, people’s artist of Russia Gennady Dmitrievich Pavlishin. Khabarovsk’s painter Pavel Petrovich Trach is the author of the paintings of the church of blessed Daniil Moskovskiy.
On the second floor of the new building there are located three studying rooms, orthodox library which has more than two thousands of worship, dogmatic, hagiographic, church and historical and spiritual educational books. There are classes for the youth group and video lectures in the large study room of the Sunday school.

The church of the reverend martyr Grand duchess Elizabeth, 49 Voronezhskaya str., Khabarovsk
The church of the reverend martyr Grand duchess Elizabeth was founded on the 20th of May 2000 with the participation of Holy Patriarch of Moscow and the whole Russia Alexey the II. It was built by the initiative of the orthodox residents of the road clinic hospital and with the active cooperation of the heads of the Far Eastern railroad after the blessing of the bishop of Khabarovsk and Priamurie Mark and with the great cooperation of the heads of the Far Eastern railroad.
The height from the foundation until the cross is 57 meters. More than 1000 people can pray together at the same time in the church.
The church was opened in 2006.

The church and chapel of the reverend Seraphim Sarovskiy, 67 Tikhookeanskaya str., Khabarovsk
The first stone in the basement of the church was put on the Seraphimova mount in the Severniy district of Khabarovsk on the 1st of August 2003 on the day of the hundred’s anniversary of the canonization of the wonder-worker. The blessing of the church took place before the 150th anniversary of Khabarovsk on the 29th of May 2008. The church was blessed by bishop of Khabarovsk and Priamurie Mark who also carried out the first communion service. The author of the church’s project is the famous Khabarovsk’s architect Alexander Mashenin who took classic style of Russian orthodox architecture as the base. The height from the foundation until the cross is 57 meters. There are three internal churches in there – of Seraphim Sarovskiy, the Great Martyr Tatiana, and the lowest one is unnamed. Icon-stand was painted by the artists from Moscow and the rest of the church’s interior was done by the Khabarovsk’s artists. There are ten bells in the church’s bell-tower, the perfect number for the real ringing. The biggest one is nearly one a half tons, was made by Borisoglebov masters with the memorable signatures for the 150th anniversary of Khabarovsk. The priests are saying that even the basement of the church was done on the glorious day on the hundredth anniversary of Seraphim Sarovskiy.
The church was being built during five years on the people’s money, the donations were done by the local people, companies, organizations.
During the past few years to this previously empty place wh ere the church stands now people are walking often and the chapel and guardian’s house was built and soon will be built women’s monastery and kids foster wh ere will be studying rooms and canteen.

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