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Let’s ride to work on a bike!

Let’s ride to work on a bike!

Dear colleagues!
“Let’s ride to work on a bike” annual event will take place on 17th May and 20th September 2019. Its aim is to show how easy and comfortable it is to use a bike running daily affairs. You need neither special clothes or skills to do it.

The event makes it possible to alter citizens’ behavior patter and stimulate them to use bicycles instead of cars, promote healthy lifestyle and attract government, business and non-governmental organizations attention to city ecological problems and the improvement of transport accessibility. Special offers and contest at “energy points” as well as discounts and bonuses provided by the partners of the event have proved themselves to be good for newcomers’ motivation. “Let’s ride to work on a bike” event took place in 35 constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2018. More than 1 million people from 400 companies joined the event.

We invite to join this all-Russian event.

You can learn all the details at www.bike2work.ru

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