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Results of Photography Competition Photos of Khabarovsk

Photography competition Photos of Khabarovsk has ended. 

The competition committee have studied 40 sets of photos from 25 contestants. According to the rules of the contest there were 4 categories: historical and cultural monuments, nature and seasons, events and celebrations, city at night. A contestant could present his works in more than one category but could become a winner only in one. More than half of contestants (11 people) decided to make their chances to win higher by presenting their photos for more than one category. 

211 photos were presented in total. 

The winners of the contest: 

Historical and Cultural Monuments Category 
1st place: Natalia Bukreeva 
2nd place: Algimantas Diktanas 
3rd place: Ekaterina Bondarenko 

Nature and Seasons Category 
1st place: Konstantin Baidin 
2nd place: Dmitry Golnev 
3rd place: Larisa Oskolova 

Events and Celebrations Category 
1st place: Dmitry Peregudov 
2nd place: Olga Nikitina 
3rd place: Pavel Pavlov 

City at Night Category 
1st place: Viktor Yurchenko 
2nd place: Alexei Timirgaleev 
3rd place: Anastasia Lazebnaya 

All winners of the contest are going to have cash awards and diplomas. We’re congratulating the winners. Thank you for your participation! Applications to participate in the contest could be sent from April 30th through June 29th, 2015. To take part in the contest at least three photos matching the rules of the contest had to be presented for a category.

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