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Photo Exhibition Harbin between Future and Past Opened in Khabarovsk

Photo exhibition Harbin between Future and Past opened in The Khabarovsk Territorial Museum after N.I. Grodekov. In the pictures you can see how Harbin has changes for the last 100 years. The authors of the photo project are eager to show real Harbin – a developing city with Russian and Chinese past. 

The guests of the exhibition will be able to see “Russian City with Chinese Fate” in the XXI c. in 60 pictures of photographers from two countries. Genre and landscape pictures, postcards of the beginning of the XX c., a documentary about Harbin are shown at the exhibition. You can see in the pictures such famous buildings as Saint Sophia Cathedral, trading house “Churin and Co”, Moscow trade aisles, Assumption of Virgin Mary church etc. The authors have made pictures not only of Russian buildings but of other buildings constructed by foreigners during the foundation of Harbin. 

The exhibition will be opened up to April 16th.

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