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Informational Centre for Tourists in Khabarovsk

The center is in The Khabarovsk Territorial Museum after N.I. Grodekov. Its main purpose is to create united tourist information field, the promotion of regional tourism product of Khabarovsk krai with the help of the information for the guests and the citizens of the city and the krai about the tourism potential, the sights, main tourist and excursion routes. 

According to the Ministry of Culture of Khabarovsk krai 873 people visited the centre in 2014. 246 foreign tourists were among those who visited it lat year. Most of them were from China, the Republic of Korea and Japan. The staff of the Centre are always ready to provide customers with up-to-date information about Khabarovsk and Khabarovsk krai. You can get CDs, booklets, leaflets and the information about Khabarovsk businesses. 

The address of the centre: 11 Shevchenko St., telephone: (4212) 306811

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