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Round Table Devoted to Domestic and Entrance Tourism Development Took Place in Khabarovsk

The representatives of six leading tourism companies from Harbin took part in the event. They discussed the development of the industry, new tourist routes and other tourism products in sister-cities together with their counterparts from Khabarovsk. The Chinese party decided to study the potential of Khabarovsk and the possibility to work here in such popular types of tourism as event, eco, gastronomic, cultural and educational, medical and extreme. The delegation stayed in the capital of Khabarovsk Krai for 2 days. The guests visited not only the sights, parks and public gardens but also industrial enterprises and old buildings. The tourism companies from China showed their counterparts from Khabarovsk tourist projects and routes around Harbin. The entrepreneurs tried to make their tourism products better. Besides the Chinese party and Khabarovsk City Administration signed a Memorandum of Collaboration in the Sphere of Tourism Development in Harbin and Khabarovsk.

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