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Khabarovsk city Mayor Alexander Sokolov met with an official delegation from Niigata city, Japan

The parts discussed tourism sphere development prospects and planned celebration of forthcoming 50th anniversary of cities’ relationship.
“Khabarovsk and Niigata cities’ relationship plays a role model for many cities. All these years we have managed to arrange contact in economic, cultural, ecological and touristic spheres. Delegations exchanges have become traditional”, - Alexander Sokolov said. 
During the meeting Khabarovsk city Mayor Alexander Sokolov and the head of the Japanese delegation, Niigata city Vice-Mayor Wakabayashi Takashi talked about other necessary things for tourism development. Travel agencies representatives, the heads of Niigata prefecture airport department and touristic association, who were the members of the delegation, made their suggestions as well. In particular, a question was raised as to whether reestablish a regular flight between Khabarovsk and Niigata. Unfortunately, the ticket price became extremely high due to a low demand for the flight. The authorities could not influence pricing policy, Alexander Sokolov noted. It was necessary to increase the flights loading; business activity might have played a large role. The parts agreed that there were the problems to work at and the meeting would make for tourism contact development and neighborly relationship consolidation. Thus, within the framework of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of cities’ relationship Alexander Sokolov offered to hold an exhibition of Japanese foodstuffs. According to the tradition, the anniversary celebration will be held both in Khabarovsk and Niigata cities. The delegation stayed in the city for two days. After the meeting at the administration the guests visited some travel agencies which specialized in entrance tourism development in the city. 
On September, 11th the delegation visited Khabarovsk Territorial museum after N.I. Grodekov, the Arts museum and the Amur bridge history museum, “Severnii” park. In the context of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of cities’ relationship one more delegation stayed in Khabarovsk those days. The citizens of Niigata were its members. They were also offered an eventful stay program.

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