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Khabarovsk city touristic symbol was asseverated

According to the resolution №5562 of Khabarovsk city administration (30.12.2013) Khabarovsk city touristic symbol was asseverated. A conventionalized image of the Amur tiger, three hills, the rising sun, the Amur River and a capture “Khabarovsk” are pictured on the symbol. According to the regulations it is allowed to freely use the symbol on print media, advertising and souvenir products, photography and video. The symbol can be used by any artificial or individual person regardless of a business form and a pattern of ownership except the cases of combination it with the images and texts which breach human rights, affect human honor and dignity or contradict public interests and offend national and religious feeling of the citizens. The resolution had been officially published in the Khabarovskie Vesti newspaper.

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